Greeting in Jesus 

I'm Rev. David Yung, the Senior Minister of this Church.

I'm looking forward to seeing you here to:



See the Gospel

Hear the Gospel

Tell the Gospel


Our Vision


We gather

to build and to nurture

a nation which

lives and breathes

the gospel of Jesus Christ


News Sheet

Our Team

Senior Minister

Rev. David Yung

代代相传 青少年团契领袖

​何宝琦 弟兄

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陈玉萍 姊妹

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KOG Generations (Kids and Youth Ministry)

Poki He

Phear He

Jenny Yung

Church Wardens

Renjie Zhu

​(Rector's Warden)

Geoffery Herbert

​(People's Warden)

Michelle Lu​

​(People's Warden)

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57 Princes Highway, Kogarah, Sydney, NSW 2217

(02) 9587 5951

Sunday  8 am     9:30 am    11 am

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